SATCOM Digital Networks announces completion of upgrades to Uplink Center

Pittsburgh, PA, May 23, 2013:

SATCOM Digital Networks, LLC, has celebrated the first anniversary of the Cranberry Uplink Center. SATCOM Digital Networks acquired the satellite broadcast facility nearly one year ago and has since been upgrading the technology infrastructure in anticipation of launching new video and satellite delivered multicast services. SATCOM is currently provisioning the Uplink Center to adhere to the most current satellite broadcast standards. SATCOM's Network Operations Center has migrated from MPEG2, DVB to the emerging MPEG4, DVB S2 (Second generation Digital Video Broadcast over Satellite).

SATCOM Digital Network's CEO David Chisholm said, "Over the past year SDN has retooled and rebooted; the outcome is a team and facility ready to take on the technology challenges of today. The technology evolution and equipment improvements will enable our customers to enjoy the most efficient broadcast platform, designed to economize their corporate communications and high-speed file transfers. Our ability to move large IP packages has increased 10-fold and the potential to create new opportunities is certainly exhilarating. These enhancements to our Cranberry Uplink Center position us to rapidly move to the next generation of Satellite Broadcast Standards, such as DVB S3 and the next generation MPEG protocol".

SATCOM Digital Networks (SDN) offers unique satellite broadcast services targeting business and institutional markets. SDN designs, builds and manages video distribution networks on a national basis. As an industry leader for nearly 30 years, SDN has delivered broadcast services for Fortune 500 enterprises as well as state and federal government agencies. SDN provides project management and installation services for multiple networks with many exceeding 2,000 downlink locations. The SDN leadership team is assembled from industry professionals with over 100 years of experience in RF broadcast, CATV, satellite and IT technologies.